Instructor Certifications, Rating, Trainings (In Person, Virtual & Video), Tournaments and more...

How to Sign-up.  Follow these steps:

  • Step 1 > CLICK HERE to fill out the Application

    • Please note:  The Application will ask you for an evaluation location.  You can CLICK HERE to find an IFP Training Center near you or you can type in 'Virtual' as the location on the Application form and we will hold a remote virtual sessions with you.

  • Step 2 > Select the Certification program below you want to sign-up for, add to cart and pay.

  • Step 3 > There's nothing more for you to do.  One of our IFP Coordinators will followup with you regarding next steps and getting you certified.

Please Note:  If you are not sure which program you should sign up for (or qualify for) please just do Step 1 and in one of the fields note you are not sure which Certification program you qualify for and please have an IFP Coordinator call to discuss.