The International Federation of Pickleball and the ProTeam Academy

Enter Multi-Year Partnership Agreement

This Partnership will advance the Training, Teaching and Instructor Certification not only in the USA, Canada and the America’s, but throughout the World. The IFP is the World Governing Body for the Sport of Pickleball and Pro-Team Academy is setting new standards in the Training, Teaching and will be adding Instructor Certification for the Sport of Pickleball under the IFP. The new partnership is a tremendous benefit to the thousands of players throughout the World. All these new programs have been in development and are now ready to be launched on April 30th 2020. The IFP is growing the Sport of Pickleball rapidly with 24 current member countries and newly developed Continental Federations. The first IFP Continental Federation is the Asia Pickleball Federation which will be launched this month. With this exceptional growth comes the demand to develop a premier training, teaching and instructor certification program.

The IFP is now positioned to help in a coordinated effort to bring training, teaching and Instructor Certification to everyone throughout the World. Under the direction of the Pro-Team Academy Elite Pickleball Instructors they are ideally positioned to set a new standard for the Training, Teaching and Instructor Certification for Pickleball. The partnership brings together individuals who come from pickleball, who understand pickleball and teach the correct fundamentals of playing pickleball. The Pro-Team Academy is under the direction of Robert Elliott along with other elite pro-instructors such as Steve Kennedy, Gigi LeMaster and Marcin Rozpedski to name a few. Gigi LeMaster is from Belgium and Marcin Rozpedski is from Poland.

The curriculum and certification are being professionally designed by Robert Elliott, the Pro-Team Academy Instructors and the IFP. The training and teaching curriculum are the works of many pickleball players and individuals with a clear understanding of the fundamentals and principles of pickleball. Pro-Team Academy has over 85 upcoming IFP Approved pickleball camps, clinics, rating sessions and instructor certification classes scheduled through December 2020. Many other joint ventures are already being planned such as the IFP Pickleball University at the Olympic Training Center and other all-inclusive travel destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and other destinations around the World.

David Jordan IFP Board Member and past USAPA President said, “this partnership will accelerate the Sport of Pickleball to a new level. Robert has been our lead instructor for the USAPA Pickleball Universities and has received excellent reviews.” Pat Murphy current IFP President, adds “that this program is based on the basic fundamentals of pickleball. The demand for quality and affordable teaching, training and instructor certification has never been higher and the IFP is in the position to fill these demands.”

Robert Elliott, National Pro-level medalist, 5.0 Pro-Player and lead instructor for Pro-Team Academy and past USAPA Pickleball Universities, said “never before has there been such a need for a consistent framework for teaching, training and instructor certification (plus rating) on a global basis until now. The sport of pickleball is growing so fast it’s more important now than ever to set a global standard to continue that growth to ensure everyone around the world continues to enjoy the game of pickleball. We could not be more excited to have been chosen to work with a world-class organization like the IFP to further the global growth of this sport we all love.”

The partnership is working toward the ultimate goal of having the Sport of Pickleball in the Olympics and it starts with the development of advancing pickleball through training and teaching to the entire world. Mark your calendar for Paris 2024 Olympics and you may see some pickleball being showcased there.