100% of your donation is provided to under-developed countries so they too can enjoy the sport of Pickleball.



IFP Pickleball Grant Program (100% of the donation goes into the program)

This Grant program has two main objectives 1) to introduce Pickleball to new countries (mainly under-developed countries) to enhance their lives with the sport we all love, and 2) to grow Pickleball to at least (75) countries so it can become an Olympic Sport.

Equipment Donation

Do you have any Pickleball gear you don't use any more?  This could be paddles, bags, balls or any other Pickleball items.  If so please consider donating them.  These donated items are provided FREE to the under-developed countries the IFP supports bringing pickleball to individuals around the world to improve their way of life and happiness.  This is a right off and a donation slip will be provided to you.

Please email your equipment to the following address and then email donate@IFPickleballAcademy.com and include your full name, address and what you sent.   Once we receive your items, we will email you a donation slip for tax reasons.

IFP Academy

Attn: Donations

4095 County Road 106

Oxford, FL 34484