The International Federation of Pickleball Academy

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The IFP Academy is setting new standards in Instructor Certification, Training and Rating.
Our mission is to spread the sport of Pickleball globally and to create an education and training standard so no country is left behind.  
Our vision is to be the largest Pickleball education and training entity in the world.
The IFP Academy is led by leaders in the Pickleball industry and business individuals with years of experience running global programs.  The instructors have years of experience not in only Pickleball, but in other sports too.  By the end of 2022 we will have helped develop a Pickleball training program (and Pickleball in general) in 60+ countries around the world.
The IFP Academy 'Grant' Program
The IFP Academy sets aside a percentage of funds received from our programs to fund sending our Instructors to under-developed countries to help spread pickleball at no cost to these countries.  We also collect used equipment from individuals and ship them to these developing countries.

IFP Instructor Certification, Training and Benefits

Individuals that are already Pickleball Instructors or interested in becoming one, you now have access to a global standard in certification and training.  Other benefits include:

  • ONLINE Continual Education Courses to continue to add proficiency to your game.
  • Monthly Live Webinars / FAQ Video Conferencing Sessions with the top Tier 1 Instructors from the IFP.
  • Monthly newsletters with tips, drills, strategy ideas and more.
  • Access to a 'certified & approved' video archive to continue to develop your skills.
  • Member discount to multi-day training events
  • Plus, a percentage of every dollar we make goes to the Grant program to send instructors internationally
    • to grow the sport of pickleball and to enhance the lives of those in the country
    • to hit the country requirement for the sport to becomes an Olympic sport.
  • Plus much more...

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